• Michiel De Malsche (° 1982 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium) began his musical career in 1989 at the Music Academy of Sint-Niklaas, where he studied piano and singing. In 2007 he obtained a master’s degree in music composition & orchestration @ The Royal Conservatory of Ghent. Among his teachers were Dirk Brosse and Frank Nuyts.

    As a composer, musician and producer he explored a very wide range of music genres, going from contemporary classical symphonic music to experimental jazz and electronic music. His repertoire - (anno 2017) - now contains over 50 titles and includes, among others, a non religeous requiem (45min), a symphonic poem with five soloists ( 'In Progress' -a symphonic poem about life- 40min), a large symphonic work accompanied by breakbeats, three symphonic fantasies, two fantasies for concert band, two works for chamber orchestra, a work for chamber orchestra and three sopranos, a suite for solo marimba, a violin sonata, a trio for percussion and clarinet , work for marimba and string trio, a duo for marimba and trombone, works for piano, baritone saxophone and bass clarinet, solo work for piano, a cycle of 15 bagatelles for solo cello, etc. In 2014 he wrote a completely new soundtrack for the legendary film 'Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens' (1922) by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau.

    He collaborated with artists such as 'The Brussels Philharmonic', I Solisti del Vento', A/T/O/S, Mala, Akala, Hantrax, Adilia Yip and many others.

    Since 2005 he's been very active in composing music or doing sounddesign for movies & theatres such as Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Het Paleis, The Kopergietery, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Das Oldenburgishes Stadstheater, etc.

    Next to composing he specializes in cross-disciplinary projects with a social and artistic impact.

    Michiel De Malsche (° 1982) 從比利時Sint-Niklaas展開他的音樂生涯,在當地音樂學院學習鋼琴和歌唱。在荷蘭鹿特丹音樂學院學習後,他最終在根特音樂學院獲得音樂創作碩士學位。他的老師之中有Dirk Brosse和Frank Nuyts。 他的作品曾由“I Solisti del Vento”,“布魯塞爾愛樂樂團”(指揮Filip Rathé),“佛蘭芒小交響樂團”(指揮Raf De Keninck),“根特大學管弦樂團”(指揮Steven Decraene) ,“Thelema三重奏”,“根特皇家音樂學院交響樂團”(指揮Michel Tilkin),“根特皇家音樂學院管樂團”(指揮Dirk Brossé),“Sint-Niklaas藝術學院 交響樂團”(指揮Kris Matthijnensens),“Niko交響樂團”(指揮Tom D'Joos),Adilia Yip,Florian Peelman,Romek Maniewski等。 作為一個作曲家,音樂家和製作人,他的藝術探索涉及廣泛的音樂流派,從當代古典交響樂, 電子音樂到實驗爵士樂。他曾為大型交響樂團編寫了共10多首作品,為電影,戲劇和舞蹈表演製作了20多首音樂作品 (Rotterdam Production / Das Oldenburgisches Stadstheater / Het Zuidelijk Toneel / Het Paleis / The Kopergietery / Fabuleus等),及各種藝術項目(MARTa Herford / Nezaket Ekici / ...)等。他還積極參與藝術中心“Bleek”的音樂策劃和始創成員,專門從事衝擊社會和藝術定義的跨界項目。

  • ‘In Progress’ –a symphonic poem about life- (Symphonic Orchestra feat. EWI, Electric Guitar, Voice, Analog Synths & Saxophone)
  • ‘SAMHAIN’ (Piece for 250 musicians: symhonic band/ Youth Choir/ Gregorian Choir/ Percussion-Ensemble/ Church Organ/ Drumband)
  • 'Mal/Oxin-Suite' for marimba solo. Performed all over the world.
  • 'The Ruins Of Empires' by Akala for BBC2 Soundtrack in collaboration with Mala & Truenoys.
  • 'The Xenophobic Wanker' for Marimba and Trombone, selected by KLARA for 'Fingerprints 2'
  • 'E-Talking Symphonic', performed by academy award winning orchestra 'The Brussels Philharmonic'
  • 'Expulsion Propeller 1.0' (Multemedial Musicspectacle feat. composer H.Swolfs)
  • 'Expulsion Propeller 1.1': 'Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens' (New Live Soundtrack for the famous silent movie)
  • 'Expulsion Propeller 1.2: Composition for String 4-tet, Solina String Machine, Moog Phatty, Fender Rhodes, Nord Lead and piano + heavy beats.
  • 'The Source' (Silent short movie + live chamber orchestra piece)
  • 'XY populate' (Silent movie by R. Laachir, soundtrack)
  • ‘The Great Jesus Comeback Event’ (Avant Garde Oratorium, original music & direction)
  • ‘Lost On Planet Guso’ (Symphonic Orchestra, Tape & Nord Electro)
  • 'Entretemps'(Contemporary Dance Piece by Victoria Deluxe'
  • 'Zoo doen ze de dingen' (Dance: Het Paleis & Fabuleus, original music)
  • 'Zes' (Performance/Theatre by R. Laachir, original music)
  • 'Apocalypso' (Abattoir Fermé feat.Capsule, Zefiro Torna, etc.)
  • ‘Paard: Een Musical’ (Theatre, Tibaldus & Andere Hoeren: original music)
  • 'Belching' (Live video experiment: Port Actif, original music)
  • ‘Wäldlinge’ (Dance Theatre: Kopergietery & Das Oldenburgisches Staatstheater, original music & sound design)
  • ‘Blauwe Storm’ (Dance, Moldavië vzw & Fabuleus: original music)
  • 'Koste Wat Kost' (Productiehuis Rotterdam, experimental theatre, Live Soundtrack)
  • 'Bouta' (Productiehuis Rotterdam)
  • 'Infantaside' (Puppet Theatre feat. R. Laachir and InteractTheatre, Rotterdam/Iran)
  • ‘De Zwarte Beek’ (Symphonic Orchestra)
  • ‘Eleven Days’ (Symphonic Orchestra)
  • ‘A wrong Impression’ (Symphonic Orchestra)
  • ‘Die Mannschaft geht los’ (String Orchestra + Piano)
  • ‘Ouverture For A New Climate (Symphonic Band)
  • ‘The Entrance of Christ in Brussels’ (Symphonic Band)
  • ‘Insomnia’ (String Trio + Marimba)
  • ‘Entering The Black Hole’ (Electronics)
  • ‘Schizophrenia, how romantic can it get?’ (Clarinet, 2 percussionists)
  • ‘An Unspeakable Hunch’ (Bass Clarinet, Bariton Sax, Piano)
  • ‘Death’ (3 sopranos, flute, hobo, String-trio, harp)
  • ‘Autumn Cycle’ (Violin, Piano)
  • ‘Eléonore va se Coucher’ (Piano, pianobooklet for Filip, king of Belgium)
  • ‘The Ear Cycle’ (15 pieces for cello solo)
  • ‘Piroquara’ (String Orchestra & Electronics)
  • ‘Piano Cycle’ (12 pieces for piano solo)
  • ‘Ju Pjeird Nechreira’(cd + book written & recorded in Sénegal)
  • ‘Oorlog is voor kinderen’ (book for children, 12+)
  • ‘Wilbert’s Lack of Love’ (opera, lyrics)
  • ‘Tuesday’ (music for the Fireworks of the Gentse Feesten)
  • ‘Private Objects’ (Installation by Nezaket Ekici, radio play)
  • ‘Het Huis Huilt’ (Theatre,Kopergietery: original music & sound design)
  • ‘Coup De Ville’ (Art Happening by Jan Hoet & Stef Van Bellingen, soundtracks & audio guide)
  • ‘Everland’ (Dance, Fabuleus, soundtrack/music editing)
  • ‘Leuke Mieke’ (Theatre, Fabuleus: original music)
  • ‘Het Bloedmooie Mensenmeisje’ (Theatre with disabled people, original music)
  • ‘Point Off U’ (Short Movie: original music)
  • 'Koer' (Larf!, theatre with children)
  • 'Gerrrrrrrrda' (Endewolf! Theatre for children)
  • 'Ruimte-tuig' (Platform-K, experimental theatre feat. E.Kuppens)
  • ‘Ronja De Roversdochter’ (Theatre, D’AMOR: original music)
  • ‘Mr. & Mrs. Murphy’ (Theatre, Kinderen van de VIlla, original music)
  • ‘FLOOR’ (Music Theatre, Vesta, original music)
  • ‘Het Oor van Maria’ (Musical Fairytale, Het Huis Van Bourgondië: original music)
  • ‘De Meidagen van 1940’ (Documentary, Stad Sint-Niklaas: original music)
  • ‘How to sell your wife’ (painting by Jan Van Imschoot, punk-aria)
  • ‘Car Crushes Bird’ (Soundscape)
  • ‘Blackie & The Oohoos feat. Ragazze Quartet’ (arrangements for string 4-tet & Ondes Martenot)
  • ‘Savana Station’ (Pop Band, keys & arrangements)
  • ‘The Loners’ (Rock Band: vocals & arrangements)
  • ‘La Bastide’ (Punk Band: vocals & bass)
  • ‘Soundwall’ (Piece for 250m long electric live orchestra)
  • ‘Jammin' for Casino’ (Music-Movie: direction & arrangements)
  • 'Nacht van de Musea, Sint-Niklaas' (Exhibition, Curator)
  • 'Levende Zielen', Short Movie, Original Music. Awarded with 'Matexi Award'