• Michiel De Malsche (° 1982 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium) began his musical career at the Music Academy of Sint-Niklaas, where he studied piano and singing. After studying at the Antwerp based music high school and the Conservatory of Rotterdam, he ended up in the Conservatory of Ghent, where he obtained a master’s degree in music composition. Among his teachers were Dirk Brosse and Frank Nuyts.

    His works have been performed by ‘I Solisti del Vento', 'The Brussels Philharmonic’ (conducted by Filip Rathé), ‘The Flemish Sinfonietta’ (conducted by Raf De keninck), ‘The Ghent University Orchestra’ (conducted by Steven Decraene), ‘The Thelema Trio’, ‘The symphonic orchestra of the Royal Conservatory of Ghent’ (conducted by Michel Tilkin), ‘The Wind Orchestra of the Royal conservatory of Ghent’ (conducted by Dirk Brossé), ‘The Symphonic orchestra of the Academy of Sint-Niklaas’ (conducted by Kris Matthijnssens), ‘Niko Symphonic Band’ (conducted by Tom D'Joos), Adilia Yip, Florian Peelman, Romek Maniewski, etc.

    As a composer, musician and producer he explored a very wide range of music genres, going from contemporary classical symphonic music to experimental jazz and electronic music. He wrote more than 10 works for large symphony orchestra, made more than 20 soundtracks for movies, theater and dance performances (Production Rotterdam / Das Oldenburgisches Stadstheater/ Het Zuidelijk Toneel/ Het Paleis/ The Kopergietery/ Fabuleus, etc. .), worked on all kinds of art projects (MARTa Herford/ Nezaket Ekici/...), etc. He is also active as a music programmer and founding member of Art Center ‘Bleek’ and specializes in cross-disciplinary projects with a social and artistic impact.

    As a musician/ arranger he has collaborated with artists such as Fabrizio Cassol, Brussels Philharmonic, DJ Grazzhoppa, A/T/O/S (Deep Medi), Mala (DMZ), The Loners, Hantrax, Blackie & The Oohoos, Capsule, the ‘Ragazze string 4-tet’, Bert Dockx, Vincent Brijs, Andrew Claes Truenoys, Hypnoskull (Ant-Zen), La Bastide and many others.

    His repertoire - (anno 2016) - now contains over 50 titles and includes, among others, a non religeous requiem (45min), a symphonic poem with five soloists ( 'In Progress' -a symphonic poem about life- 40min), a large symphonic work accompanied by breakbeats, three symphonic fantasies, two fantasies for concert band, two works for chamber orchestra, a work for chamber orchestra and three sopranos, a suite for solo marimba, a violin sonata, a trio for percussion and clarinet , work for marimba and string trio, a duo for marimba and trombone, works for piano, baritone saxophone and bass clarinet, solo work for piano, a cycle of 15 bagatelles for solo cello, etc. In 2014 he wrote a completely new soundtrack for the legendary film "Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens' (1922) by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau.

    Michiel De Malsche (° 1982) 從比利時Sint-Niklaas展開他的音樂生涯,在當地音樂學院學習鋼琴和歌唱。在荷蘭鹿特丹音樂學院學習後,他最終在根特音樂學院獲得音樂創作碩士學位。他的老師之中有Dirk Brosse和Frank Nuyts。 他的作品曾由“I Solisti del Vento”,“布魯塞爾愛樂樂團”(指揮Filip Rathé),“佛蘭芒小交響樂團”(指揮Raf De Keninck),“根特大學管弦樂團”(指揮Steven Decraene) ,“Thelema三重奏”,“根特皇家音樂學院交響樂團”(指揮Michel Tilkin),“根特皇家音樂學院管樂團”(指揮Dirk Brossé),“Sint-Niklaas藝術學院 交響樂團”(指揮Kris Matthijnensens),“Niko交響樂團”(指揮Tom D'Joos),Adilia Yip,Florian Peelman,Romek Maniewski等。 作為一個作曲家,音樂家和製作人,他的藝術探索涉及廣泛的音樂流派,從當代古典交響樂, 電子音樂到實驗爵士樂。他曾為大型交響樂團編寫了共10多首作品,為電影,戲劇和舞蹈表演製作了20多首音樂作品 (Rotterdam Production / Das Oldenburgisches Stadstheater / Het Zuidelijk Toneel / Het Paleis / The Kopergietery / Fabuleus等),及各種藝術項目(MARTa Herford / Nezaket Ekici / ...)等。他還積極參與藝術中心“Bleek”的音樂策劃和始創成員,專門從事衝擊社會和藝術定義的跨界項目。

  • ‘In Progress’ –a symphonic poem about life- (Symphonic Orchestra feat. EWI, Electric Guitar, Voice, Analoge Synths & Saxophone)
  • ‘SAMHAIN’ (Piece for 250 musicians: symhonic band/ Youth Choir/ Gregorian Choir/ Percussion-Ensemble/ Church Organ/ Drumband)
  • 'XY populate' (Silent movie by Rachid Laachir, music by Michiel De Malsche)
  • 'The Source' (Silent short movie by Rachid Laachir abd Michiel De Malsche + live chamber orchestra piece)
  • 'Mal/Oxin-Suite' for marimba solo. Performed all over the world.
  • 'The Xenophobic Wanker' for Marimba and Trombone, selected by KLARA for 'Fingerprints 2'
  • 'E-Talking Symphonic', performed by academy award winning orchestra 'The Brussels Philharmonic'
  • 'Expulsion Propeller 1.0' (Multemedial Musicspectacle feat. composer H.Swolfs)
  • 'Expulsion Propeller 1.1': 'Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens' (New Live Soundtrack for the famous silent movie, feat. Romek Maniewski, Bert Dockx and Han Swolfs
  • 'Expulsion Propeller 1.2: Composition for String 4-tet, Solina String Machine, Moog Phatty, Fender Rhodes, Nord Lead and piano + heavy beats. Feat. Bram Weijters/ Romek Manieuwski/ Katelijne Vinkeroye/ Hannelore De Vuyst/ Jasmien Van Hauthem/ Patrick Stevens (Hypnoskull)
  • ‘The Great Jesus Comeback Event’ (Avant Garde Oratorium, original music & direction feat. Hypnoskull, Andrew Claes & many others)
  • ‘Lost On Planet Guso’ (Symphonic Orchestra, Tape & Nord Electro)
  • 'Zoo doen ze de dingen' (Dance: Het Paleis & Fabuleus, original music)
  • 'Zes' (Performance/Theatre by R. Laachir, original music)
  • 'Apocalypso' (Abattoir Fermé feat.Capsule, Zefiro Torna, etc.)
  • ‘Paard: Een Musical’ (Theatre, Tibaldus & Andere Hoeren: original music)
  • 'Belching' (Live video experiment: Port Actif, original music)
  • ‘Wäldlinge’ (Dance Theatre: Kopergietery & Das Oldenburgisches Staatstheater, original music & sound design)
  • ‘Blauwe Storm’ (Dance, Moldavië vzw & Fabuleus: original music)
  • 'Koste Wat Kost' (Productiehuis Rotterdam, experimental theatre feat. Rachid Laachir, Fleur Van Den Berg, Anoek Nuyens and Sevil Aydin)
  • 'Bouta' (Productiehuis Rotterdam feat. Tjon Rockon, Anoek Nuyens, Marjolijn van Heemstra, Sanne van Rijn)
  • 'Infantaside' (Puppet Theatre feat. Rachid Laachir and InteractTheatre, Rotterdam/Iran)
  • ‘De Zwarte Beek’ (Symphonic Orchestra)
  • ‘Eleven Days’ (Symphonic Orchestra)
  • ‘A wrong Impression’ (Symphonic Orchestra)
  • ‘Die Mannschaft geht los’ (String Orchestra + Piano)
  • ‘Ouverture For A New Climate (Symphonic Band)
  • ‘The Entrance of Christ in Brussels’ (Symphonic Band)
  • ‘Insomnia’ (String Trio + Marimba)
  • ‘Entering The Black Hole’ (Electronics)
  • ‘Schizophrenia, how romantic can it get?’ (Clarinet, 2 percussionists)
  • ‘An Unspeakable Hunch’ (Bass Clarinet, Bariton Sax, Piano)
  • ‘Death’ (3 sopranos, flute, hobo, String-trio, harp)
  • ‘Autumn Cycle’ (Violin, Piano)
  • ‘Eléonore va se Coucher’ (Piano, pianobooklet for Filip, king of Belgium)
  • ‘The Ear Cycle’ (15 pieces for cello solo)
  • ‘Piroquara’ (String Orchestra & Electronics)
  • ‘Piano Cycle’ (12 pieces for piano solo)
  • ‘Ju Pjeird Nechreira’(cd + book written & recorded in Sénegal)
  • ‘Oorlog is voor kinderen’ (book for children, 12+)
  • ‘Wilbert’s Lack of Love’ (opera, lyrics)
  • ‘Tuesday’ (music for the Fireworks of the Gentse Feesten)
  • ‘Private Objects’ (Installation by Nezaket Ekici, radio play)
  • ‘Het Huis Huilt’ (Theatre,Kopergietery: original music & sound design)
  • ‘Coup De Ville’ (Art Happening by Jan Hoet & Stef Van Bellingen, soundtracks & audio guide)
  • ‘Everland’ (Dance, Fabuleus, soundtrack/music editing)
  • ‘Leuke Mieke’ (Theatre, Fabuleus: original music)
  • ‘Het Bloedmooie Mensenmeisje’ (Theatre with disabled people, original music)
  • ‘Point Off U’ (Short Movie, Steven Janssens: original music)
  • 'Koer' (Larf!, theatre with children, feat. Nele Van Den Broeck and Katrien Pierlet)
  • 'Gerrrrrrrrda' (Endewolf! Theatre for children)
  • 'Ruimte-tuig' (Platform-K, experimental theatre feat. E.Kuppens)
  • ‘Ronja De Roversdochter’ (Theatre, D’AMOR: original music)
  • ‘Mr. & Mrs. Murphy’ (Theatre, Roel Swanenberg/Wanda Eyckerman: original music)
  • ‘FLOOR’ (Music Theatre, Vesta, original music)
  • ‘Het Oor van Maria’ (Musical Fairytale, Het Huis Van Bourgondië: original music)
  • ‘De Meidagen van 1940’ (Documentary, Stad Sint-Niklaas: original music)
  • ‘How to sell your wife’ (painting by Jan Van Imschoot, punk-aria)
  • ‘Car Crushes Bird’ (Soundscape)
  • ‘Blackie & The Oohoos feat. Ragazze Quartet’ (arrangements for string 4-tet & Ondes Martenot)
  • ‘Savana Station’ (Pop Band, keys & arrangements)
  • ‘The Loners’ (Rock Band: vocals & arrangements)
  • ‘La Bastide’ (Punk Band: vocals & bass)
  • ‘Soundwall’ (Piece for 250m long electric live orchestra)
  • ‘Jammin' for Casino’ (Music-Movie: direction & arrangements)
  • 'Nacht van de Musea, Sint-Niklaas' (Exhibition, Curator)
  • 'Levende Zielen', Short Movie, Original Music. Awarded with 'Matexi Award'